Sustainability knows no gender, and neither does the Misnomer.

the Misnomer // definition: a name that is wrong

Fashion has no gender, and why should it? the Misnomer was born in New Delhi asking the very same questions: why are your pants more comfortable than my pants? why doesn’t mine have pockets? why is it wrong if I carry a bag? We don’t conform to gender or to the stale status quo. The future of fashion is genderless, and our vision is to create pieces that fit who you are, not who others tell you to be.

At the Misnomer HQ, we are stitching the seams of a more sustainable future by lining up pieces that are made in India to last for generations. These pieces are not just for you – but for everyone – besides, what’s more sustainable than a piece you can share?

Our passion for experimental fashion is not only limited to dropping iconic silhouettes (ft. lots of pockets!) that extend to all shapes, sizes and gender expressions but also ensuring attention to detail around the finest sustainable materials, selected to have the lowest impact on our environment. Designed for longevity, hand-made with purpose – for the world we want. Our core team processes the dialogue of the brand, and operates on a made-to-order basis to reduce waste, and strives to ensure that any scrap materials generated in the making of our pieces is either upcycled for our next collections or our packaging. We are manufacturing products in a highly certified production unit that keeps all eco aspects in check. Curious about our selection of materials and how we achieve a sustainable standard? Tap here.

We aim to create a value-driven brand that is at the intersection of gender inclusion & sustainability and continue to move beyond the boundaries, one piece at a time.

Join us on this journey,
the Misnomers